The Five Stages of Coffee Addiction


The first stage of coffee addiction is denial. You might tell yourself that you can quit anytime, or that you don't really need it, but deep down inside you know you're lying to yourself.


The second stage of coffee addiction is anger. You might get upset if someone tries to take away your coffee or tell you that you've had enough. You might also get angry at yourself for being so dependent on it.


The third stage of coffee addiction is bargaining. You might try to cut back on your coffee intake, or switch to decaf, but you always seem to find yourself back where you started.


The fourth stage of coffee addiction is depression. You might feel down or tired without your usual caffeine fix. You might also feel guilty about how much money you spend on coffee.


The final stage of coffee addiction is acceptance. You come to terms with your addiction and embrace it as a part of who you are. You might even start to enjoy trying different blends and brewing methods.

So there you have it - the five stages of coffee addiction. If you find yourself in any of these stages, just remember that you're not alone. Millions of people around the world share your love for the bean.